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5 ways you can improve, @Netflix

@Netflix, we all love your service obviously. You’re doing a great job, but don’t let that let you get complacent. Here are a few ideas to improve your service, free of charge.

  1. Facebook and Twitter integration: I would like to be able to easily share with my friends from your website and apps.
  2. Have networks and studios searchable just like actors are – for example: DreamWorks or Discovery should look similar to an actors page like this. Actually even that could look better, which carries me to number 3.
  3. Redesign the actors pages to look more like show pages like this – The layout is superior to the actors pages.
  4. Have a year subscription plan and make it a reduced cost – I would gladly pay in a lump sum rather than pay every month.
  5. Have loyalty bonuses! – For us who’ve been there for you for a year or more up our subscription plan to unlimited the month of our birthday.

While your service is second to none, there is always room for improvement. I hope that you consider these at the very least contemplating these changes.

Walt Spence

Walt Spence

Serial entrepreneur and web developer.I love helping new founders adjust to the rigors of life in new startups.

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