An Open Letter to @Facebook #hashtag

We need to talk @facebook. It has been 2 years since you announced open graph. You have pleaded with your users to start being more public with their social data; whether it be a simple status update or a life experience itself, you want us to share with the world. This has a clear benefit for you as a company. By generating these social signals across the web, you become that much more valuable of a company. The more data that there is to parse from your site, the more opportunity there is to cash in on this data. Frankly, some people will never be comfortable with sharing their posts publicly and this is both their right and in some ways sad because living in public does have its advantages.

(Skeptical Reader: Sayyy whaaat? Me: Yeah read “Public Parts”
by a @jeffjarvis. Confirmed some of my viewpoints and opened my mind even further on this topic.)

However, there is one thing missing that is keeping me from being open personally @facebook. That is #hashtags. That may seem silly to some people but let me make my case. There is no need to conduct public conversation if we can’t gauge the amount of interactions across the facebook social graph like we can over other social networks and interact across the graph with the facebook ‘public’ if you will.

So this is my plea. Please turn on this feature or something similar. I’m not going to hold my breath as I know this has been a very requested feature for sometime, but I thought it would be good to explain than just request.

Walt Spence

Walt Spence

Serial entrepreneur and web developer.I love helping new founders adjust to the rigors of life in new startups.

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