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Rundown 3 - Culture in #Startups


So many of us startup people focus on money. "Where should I price my SaaS product?", "What are some common early valuations?"... blah, blah, blah.

Why does it seem that you rarely do you hear many people talking about culture? With startups being more progressive in nature than most businesses it is incumbent upon founders to consider innovative ideas for company culture.

Many of the large "startups" are leading the way in this category. Medium is creating a new kind of company with no managers, for example. Another would be well...just read anything buffer puts out.

It's sad that this doesn't get as much time on social media as the aforementioned "money things". One lesson I can impart from my experience with EnLab and now MakeGo is that people build businesses more than capital ever will.

3 Things to Read

2 Things to Consume

"The key is not to add more hours, it's to squeeze waste out." - @jasonfried

1 Thing to Ponder

When building a company you can't fake the funk. Culture shouldn't be the expection to that rule. It's not something that you can engineer. It's something that grows organically within the team.

  • What is that your founding team values most? How do you make that part of your culture?

I would like to thank you for taking your time to read. I hope this brings you of some value. Feel free to react to this and share your thoughts by contacting me over these various channels

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